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About Brew a Web

Brew-a-web is a platform for all the mid-sized cafes, bistros, resto-bars, restaurants, patisseries and cake shops in and around Navi Mumbai. For all you owners out there, here is your chance to narrate your story of passion that led you to start your food hub. For the food lovers, here is a platform that brings all the cafes, bistros, resto bars, restaurants, patisseries and cake shops under one single place. Not only that, you shall find exciting discounts and vouchers only on Brew-a-web. You can choose the café of your choice, avail discounts and redeem the coupons at the food joint of your choice.

Brew-a-web is different. We do not merely list. We do not just rate and talk negative about the food joints. Brew-a-web provides a wider picture. It builds credibility. It brings out the best in you and projects you to the large foodie world out there. We provide a dedicated web presence to you. It is your place to project your best in the World Wide Web.

Gone are the days of searching. All the cafes, resto bars, restaurants, patisseries and cake shops in Navi Mumbai are here. Only at Brew-a-Web!

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