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What’s Brewing At Your Store Contest

What's brewing at your store -Contest

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This contest is closed now (Date: 21st January 2017). Winner selection is in process. We are not accepting any participation.

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What's Brewing At Your Store - Contest

Dear Cafe, Bistro, Restobar, Bakery, Patisserie owners,

Thank you for being with us on this wonderful journey called “Brew-A-Web” for the last 6 months. Without you, this wouldn’t have been so cherishing and rewarding. What started as a positive promotional platform for all the cafe/bistro owners have now grown up to be a known name and friend to all. Many people have started noticing us and congratulating us for giving you all a platform to “narrate your story, your way” and not just merely being listed as “another” cafe or bistro. Now you have your own voice and your spotlight. Keep on growing and providing us wonderful and delicious food, drink and a great ambience where we can experience our own moments of achievements, warmth, love, hate, sadness and sheer timepass.

We love you all !!!

Now is the time to get gratified. Brew-A-Web in association with NeoGrowth presents “What’s Brewing at Your Store” – a wonderful contest where all small and medium size Cafes, Bakeries, Bistros, Resto-bars, Patisseries come together to battle it out for their fame. There are three categories to participate. Participate for A) The best Festive Decor B) The best Food/ Drink C) Both A & B.

The Contest starts from 21st of December 2016 and ends on 20th of January 2017. Our judges will visit your store to savour your best dish/ drink or marvel at your interior decor. There will be Winners across all the 3 categories as well as surprise winners.

So what are you waiting for? All the best buddies.

Team BAW

[This contest is closed now (Date: 21st January 2017). Winner selection is in process. We are not accepting any participation.]

Terms & Conditions:

  • Information shared in this platform will only be between Neogrowth and Brew-A-Web.
  • No information of one cafe/bistro/resto-bars/food joints/bakeries will be shared with others.
  • Participating cafe should share only authentic dish if participating in dish/drink and should not copy the recipe or presentation of the others.
  • Judges decision will remain the final.
  • Decor should be unique.
  • Any conflict of interest or issue arising within the contest will be pertaining to Mumbai jurisdiction.
  • Cafe /Bistro/Resto-bars/Food-joints/Bakeries will not be charged to enter in this process. Anyone claiming to be a part of Brew-A-Web/ NeoGrowth team and asking for participation fee should be immediately bought to notice.
  • Information gathered for this contest will be valid only for what’s brewing at your store contest and should not be carried forward for future contest without cafe’s verbal/written communication.
  • This contest is for Navi Mumbai only.
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