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The Hugs & Mugs' Story

Warm & cozy, Hugs & Mugs greets you in its tight embrace with open arms. The décor is original and at the top you have private spaces where you can actually hug your partner. The owner Tarun is an accomplished pastry chef and his creation is popular amongst the young and restless for two of his signature creations. Vegetable Pasta and Grilled Chicken Burger.
The Pasta is served in a white sauce topped with black olives, chopped parsley, basil, pepper and jalepeno and generous amount of Mozzarella Cheese and garlic bread as side, this dish looked very tempting and tasted fine. Balanced, indulging and yet comforting like a good pasta.
The giant grilled chicken burger that was bought to the table featured a house special grilled chicken patty with sliced cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce, a fried egg and mayonnaise, this had to be eaten with two hands. The chicken patty was absolutely unique and tasted like nothing else, the dish would have been the star outright had not the Mayo that overpowered the palette.
The place is also known to serve a mean Veg Burger.
All in all just the perfect place to laze lounge and devour in company of family and friends or even solo for that matter.

Visit Hugs & Mugs:

Shop 24, Sector 4, Bhoomi Towers,Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Call to order: 022 33126156

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